• Monday Evening Chinese Medicine Lecture Series

  •  Introduction: Chines Medicine Philosophy 101

    • Yin and Yang
    • The 5 Elements
    • The Causes of Disease
    • The Channels
    • The Organs : Viscera and Bowels

    Shen: The Spirt of the Heart

    Yi: The Spirit of the Spleen: the Analytical Animal

    Po: The Spirit of the Lung: The Corporeal Soul

    Hun: The Spirit of the Liver: The Ethereal Soul

    Acupressure Techniques:

    A Deep Dive into the Channels

    • Lung & Large Intestine ( The Metal Element)
    • Spleen & Stomach (The Earth Element)
    • Heart & Small Intestine (The Fire Element)
    • The Bladder and Kidneys (The Water Element)
    • The Pericardium and Triple Energizer (The Fire Element Pt II)
    • The Liver and the Gall Bladder (The Wood Element)