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  • Justin Burkett

    Licensed Acupuncturist

    CA License # AC 8344


    I have been practicing Chinese Medicine since 2002. 

    I graduated with a degree in biochemistry from UCLA with the idea that I'd go to Medical School. During that time I had a sweet job at the University Research Library. Putting books away and looking for lost books introduced me to a wide range of human knowledge. I took an interest in psychology, literature, Eastern philosophy, the sixties counterculture. One thing that was starting to make an impression on me was the idea of yin and yang and I could see this manifesting in the equations of biochemistry. As fascinating as it was, I found that there was something missing. While we could go into that intricate level of detail in our modeling of human biochemistry, the idea of integrating that understanding into a holistic understanding of a human in society seemed beyond the scope of the study.  And I felt in my heart of hearts that without that understanding, If i went forward into modern medicine I would be taking part in a system that has put medicine's molecules above the person, and I was not interested in that.

    I was interested in Healing.

    Instead of continuing on to Medical School, I decided instead to study Chinese Medicine. I graduated from Samra University as a Master of Chinese Medicine in 2001. I went to work in Pain Management in Los Angeles, and did some teaching for the next several years until I took a job as an Acupuncturist on Cruise ships. 

    I returned to California in 2013 and worked in an integrated Medicine Center in San Diego. After some personal tragedies I found myself in a state where i needed to work on my own healing, so I took time off to travel and to write, thinking I would finally write a book I'd been thinking about for years, but instead wrote and recorded a sci-fi musical, Escape from the Circus. 

    In 2018, I joined forces with Shari Brookler from Dreams in Motion to open Heavenly Streams, in Nevada City.