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  • Do you ever get the feeling that you are missing out on one of the most precious gifts of life?

    Yes, we're talking about a nice. big, clear breath of life-giving, refreshing AIR. 

    Are you more likely to spend your days next to tissues and between hits of sinus medication.

    Or maybe you're addicted to allergy pills.

    Well, my friend, this is no way to live. you should be breathing as much oxygen and goodness as you can. but you can't because you have allergies. 

    or maybe it's cats, dogs, dust, pollen, whatever the particulars, the fact remains that you are a boogery mess. 

    By stimulating pressure points in the face and head and on the body acupuncture can dramatically improve your breathing. 

    But of course acupuncture is only part of a holistic process. Education and self care are paramount for longterm change.

    Diet and life style are enormously important. According to Chinese Medicine, The transformation functions of the body are hampered by improper diet, cold foods, worry, sugar. If the transformation function is impaired, there are implication on immunity. There becomes an backlog of fluids and substances that need processing