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  • Lessons from the Forest for the Liver of Life.

    April 10, 2019 | Blog
  • In springtime possibilities are endless.

    This phase of the cycle when the wood is green and growing.

    released from the spell of winter's freeze,

    water seeks ascension to the sky

    water climbs through the insides of the trees

    via capillary action

    to become a breath that sings a song to the clouds with the voice of the wind

    Stirring up the wind,

    having shaken off the dead

    the stage is set for water to flow forth into new life

    into the grasses and bushes and trees of the forest

    and all the things that eat the grasses and the bushes and the leaves on the trees that are growing in the forest

    and the whole chain of creatures that eat those things that feed on the grasses and the bushes and the leaves of the trees that are growing in the forest

    water and life flowing into all

    water, that mysterious polar matrix, the canvas expressing the colors of the will to life

    Spring is a time of choices,

    Choices began as quest ions.

    As water was looking for life forms to partner with

    together, water and life set out every spring on adventure.

    An adventure is powered by quest ions.

    the probes

    how to grow?

    How to orient in the light.

    The Quest Ions are Selected and become select ions.

    This allows the will to go forward with its express ion

    Meanwhile, underground...

    the determined sprout burst forth from the cracked open seed pod

    the pressure of the water had become too much

    The will to life activated by water underground.

    All the division. All the growth.

    The pressure, the fear, the darkness, the urge toward the light.

    the craving for a star the little seedling will never meet

    the star whose light feeds the little seedling

    the light that shows the little seedling how to grow

    The growth that will one day culminate as offerings to the earth

    Branches for birds to land upon, trading seeds from far off places

    enjoying fruit and singing songs

    songs that tell of the glory of the sweetness of the fruit and the yumminess of baby butterflies

    perhaps twigs will be taken to a crook to to make a home.

    Spring is here.

    Possibilities abound.

    Decisions decisions.

    lessons from the forest for the Liver of Life.

    soften and allow the expression some space.

    Find a good spot where there is enough light around you but not so much it hurts.

    As determined and strong as you are to express the will to life, stay flexible and remember that you are carrying water.

    The amount of Fire you will create depends on how much water you have carried