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  • I’d like to share a neat little illustration of energetic change brought about by Chi Nei Tsang as measured by Digital Meridian Imaging.

    Before we get started, there are a few concepts I’d like to introduce and clarify

    Chi Nei Tsang is a Chinese Medicine Abdominal Massage. Developed and practiced by Taoist Monks in Ancient China. As I understand it, this is a component of a Qi Gong Lifestyle. It’s a way to physically move and manipulate the abdominal organs. And as we learn in Chinese Medicine, Imbalances in the energetics of the organs are at the root of so much of human discomfort and disease.

    Digital Meridian Imaging is a practice of measuring electrical signals on the skin at a set of points known as source points. In my practice I use the Acugraph ™ system.

    Each Channel has what is called a “source point”[i]. The Source point is a special point which reflects the state of vitality of that organ system. For example, a person with functional issues with their digestion and metabolism exhibiting symptoms of a pattern called Spleen Qi Deficiency, such as low energy fatigue, flatulence, fluid retention, foggy thinking, worrisome outlook on life, can often feel an exquisite tenderness upon palpation of the point Spleen 4, GongSun  [Figure 1]

    Spleen 4 (Gong Sun) The source point of the Spleen Channel. Tenderness at this point is an indicator of functional Pathology.

    It was discovered in Japan in 1950[i] by Dr Nakatani, MD. Who was working with Kidney Patients, and found a remarkable change to the electrical conductivity of the Kidney Channel in the Sick patients that was not present in normal subjects. This system, called Ryoduraku “Good Conductive Line”, has evolved into a digital meridian system that feeds the information into a computer program for visualization and analysis.

    The basic procedure involves measuring 24 points with a probe. This then creates a picture that can be combined with the clinical symptoms to provide a deeper understanding of the energetics of the patient we are dealing with and is useful in tailoring a specific acupuncture protocol for that patient. The system provides a level of objective data that can be referenced as a marker when looking for progress.

    Figure 2: Probing a point for Digital Meridian Imaging

    Using a system called Acugraph [see Fig 3] I examined a patient who was experiencing digestive discomfort and some minor muscle tension in her neck. This particular patient is also slightly needle phobic and resonates more with body work. We had elected to do Chi Nei Tsang as the treatment of choice that day.

    Figure 3: Source Point Measurements before Chi Nei Tsang. Note the overall low level to the readings, and particularly the Relatively Low Blue Bars seen on the Lung, the Pericardium, the Heart, Small Intestine and Spleen Channels.

    A little bit more about Chi Nei Tsang.

    According to the Chi Nei Tsang Institute, Chi Nei Tsang literally means “working the energy of the inner organs”. For me as an acupuncturist, I only recently discovered Chi Nei Tsang, studying with Jaz Roemer, a teacher in San Diego. It was a crucial missing piece of the puzzle of Chinese Medicine.

    We speak of organs and channels. We use needles on the channels, but never directly on the organs, we feed herbs to the organs but unless a patient is extremely diligent with their qi gong, the fascial wrappings of the organs and the network that holds it together (the san jiao) have a tendency towards tension and distortion, conforming as they do the patterns of disharmony that we express in our everyday lives.

    The stresses and tensions of our physical emotional and spiritual that become the picture of who we are in the world we’re in. What Chi Nei Tsang offers, is a systematic abdominal massage experience that relaxes that tension and works to unwind the the knots and tangles in the fascia and tissues around the organs… in general to promote better organ health.

    Figure 4: Source Point Readings after Chi Nei Tsang Session. Note the relative increase in overall levels after the Chi Nei Tsang Session.

    After the Chi Nei Tsang Session, measurements were taken again. [see Fig 4] A notable increase in Energy can be seen. The Patient reported feeling a greater overall sense of well-being. In my book as a physician, this is the work. To promote being well. It is truly amazing to be living in a time where technology and tradition can come together to do that.

    It’s always reassuring to have some objective measure to corroborate a better sense of what’s going on with one’s well being. And the further revelation is the electric nature of our biology. We are a symphony of signals taking human form. These signals are on a spectrum from unfelt to subtle to gross to crippling. These signals can be measured and mapped with an understanding of the acupressure system. Furthermore with good diet and the right activity we can fuel and create the experience being a human being who is a joy to be.

    If you are in the Nevada City Area and would like to learn more about your personal energetics, I’m offering complementary readings along with a free consultation through the month of February.

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