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  • Hello friends and Neighbors here in Nevada City, Grass Valley, Nevada County, gold country area folks.

    It’s Justin, your friendly neighborhood acupuncturist. and boy have I got a deal for you!!! (just kidding, but seriously, I do)

    I’m thinking about harmony. My place in the mix of my community, this life, the cosmos, what can I personally do to bring balance to this wobbly wheeled ride we’re on.

    Well, I can be more present in my life and more generous and kind. I can align with my higher self and walk the path that leads to that.

    okay. sounds good to me. so presence. that’s showing up and getting in the game, right?

    Yup. okay, now here’s where you come in. I can’t really do this without patients. so to ease some of the resistance to trying something new, I’m starting a new promotion for Heavenly Streams. Subscription-based acupuncture.

    It’s about as fair and balanced as I can really think as an offer for acupuncture.

    I’d really prefer not to deal with insurance companies, honestly the reimbursement isn’t worth the hassle. I’d rather work with patients.

    So the idea is i have a regular customary fee of $50 per session.

    But one session of acupuncture is less potent than a full course.

    a full course of treatment with acupuncture is considered to be 10 sessions. with some more difficult conditions it might take several courses of treatment. I’ve heard people tell me they’ve had acupuncture once, but it didn’t do anything, that it “didn’t work”… and they meant they had one session. Yeah, that’s not how it works. It’s really about rectification of Qi and Blood Flow.

    I’d rather work with people who are committed, that way we can at least say we gave it an honest try.

    Well, those are my thoughts for now. If you want to ask me any specific questions, you can email me: admin@heavenlystreams.com

    Hopefully soon the website will be more stably integrated for booking and paying and buying binaural beat audio and subscribing to the podcast. But of course these things take time.

    Meanwhile, if you’ve been curious about acupuncture but not so willing to commit to a full course of treatment you can always come in just to try and to get to know me and my style.