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  • Summer: Season of the Heart

  • Summer: Season of the Heart

  • In the Chinese Medicine 5 elements scheme, each element has its season. Summer is the Season of the Fire Element.

    The Fire element is embodied in the Organs of the Heart and Pericardium, Small Intestine and San Jiao.

    Red is the Color. Up is the Direction.

    Fire Burns and Fire Purifies.

    There is an alchemical fire inside of you. It keeps you warm and powers everything you do.

    Tending your fire in Summertime will prepare you for the winter.

    A technique that is used for this is to burn moxa over the Ren 17 Acupuncture point.

    Fire needs regulation.

    A Healthy fire element will manifest as a clear and shining mind and a warm glow of joy.

    A healthy fire needs good regulation. For us this means proper fuel, ample oxygen, ventilation and a cooling system.

    We need to feed our fire the good organic food that will nourish us. Sugar is very high energy. Think of throwing gas on a campfire… Be careful with Sugar.

    We need ample oxygen. This is supplied by our lungs. All that stress and tension in the body, and all the thoughts and concerns that consume your mind lead to an inhibited rib cage, and tendency to forget to breathe. Qi gong teaches us breathe and gives us a tool for creating a healthy, regulated breathing pattern. Additionally there are healing qi gong breathing sounds for each of the organs. The sound for the heart is a breathy “HAAAAAA”. Check out the Mantak Chia below for more on Healing Sounds. The Heart sound begins at 8:28. But it’s worth it to go through the cycle.

    Shen is the Spirit Mind that lives in the heart. Our consciousness. It is one of the three treasures of the human, along with the Qi and the Jing.

    There are factors that keep the Shen Unclear. A major impediment is Phlegm. Phlegm is a by product of metabolism that accumulates when the flow of qi and fluids is not adequate. This phlegm creates a barrier around nerves and signaling systems, acting like an insulator. It’s associated with inlammation… <- Hey! look at that word… in flames. I.E on Fire.

    We also need to make sure that we are fully exhaling. I personally believe there is an over emphasis on breathing in. I take great pleasure in correcting what i consider to be well-intentioned bad advice. People see you stressed, they say, “hey why don’t you take a deep breath” I encourage you to first give a deep breath. breath all of your air out. squeeze those last little pockets of lung, and then when you stop pushing, the air will come in deeply with no effort. With practice you will begin to habitually exhale more deeply, creating a better flow of oxygen through your system.

    Another requirement for good ventilation is healthy functioning skin. This is under the control of our Lungs. The opening of the pores allows heat and sweat out of the body, keeping the fire from becoming too hot and potentially explosive.

    We also need good cooling. The Kidneys and Bladder control the water of our bodies. The relationship between the Kidneys and Heart is a special one. Western Medicine recognizes the adrenal cortex as the source of Blood Pressure Regulating Hormones aldosterone and renin (along with angiotensin from the Liver)

    I hope you go forward in the season of fire with a healthy respect for the awesome power of this element. Here are a few links that I found very interesting. The first is the 6 healing sounds and the second is a paper refuting the pressure propulsion premise of heart function, and the third is documentary about a unique anatomical examination of a heart.


    THE HEART IS NOT A PUMP: A refutation of the pressure propulsion premise of heart function.

    The Helical Heart Documentaryd