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  • Hello Fellow Human.

    You are truly remarkable. A living breathing manifestation with a message. 

    You are a mouthpiece of creation.

    Your human body is an organic instrument capable of a vast repertoire of full-spectrum emotion, language and experience

    Adaptability and determined will are human capabilities that have allowed us to live in virtually all terrestrial environments, becoming the dominant creature in our domain.

    Our senses give us the ability to tune into the information and to transmit that information into an accurate map of the world. 

    This map guides our expression through posture, gesture, language and emotion.

    The healthy symbiosis of you and your world depends on this back and forth, the more receptive and in tune your instrument is, the better it is for the harmony of all life.

    One of the ways the body goes out of tune, structurally, is through tension in the muscles and connective tissues. Often this is due to trauma or, repetitive use, or chronic muscle tension related to the psycho-emotional-somatic posture you present to the world. And When you are out of tune, it seems to happen on all levels. and when you are in tune, there is an alignment within and that makes life better not just for you, but for those around you. 

    Acupuncture and Massage are wonderful therapies that can help to effectively lengthen tightened shortened muscles.

    Movement and breathing exercises are a way to keep yourself regularly in tune.

    In this way you can be more in tune with who you are