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  • Hi. Welcome to Heavenly Streams Chinese Medicine Center. I’m Justin and this is my new clinic.  

    I’m an acupuncturist. A lot of people don’t exactly know what that means, so let me share my take. 

    “Acupuncturist” primarily refers to the license that I hold. I am technically a licensed acupuncturist. I hold California license number AC8344. That means i was the 8344th person to pass the state board exam that licenses us. I  did that in 2001.  To sit for the exam you must either apprentice with a master, or take and pass a master-level course of study at a specialized school of Oriental Medicine.  That course of Study of Chinese Medicine included Chinese medicine philosophy, acupuncture, herbs, nutrition, massage, qi gong.

    In California when you see a licensed acupuncturist, you are more correctly seeing a practitioner of Chinese Medicine.

    When taken together as a whole, Chinese Medicine can address so much of what goes wrong with the human. 

    I invite you to come and learn more. I’ll be holding classes on Monday evenings