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  • Chinese Medicine is a story of patterns and relationships of energetic forces. 

    This provides a context for a deeper understanding of the experience of being human. For example a common pattern we see in the clinic is a situation of Wood overacting on Earth. Also referred to as a Liver / Spleen Disharmony. This patterns creates a situation we might describe simply as "stress" or "depression". There is a general tension and tightness in the body, an irritability, easily triggered, feeling of sluggishness, low energy, craving for sweets. 

    With such a perspective on dis-ease as lack of harmony between systems, Chinese Medicine also provides the tools to restore harmony. 

    Each has a place and function and level it can work. 

    Acupuncture, for example works from the interaction of a practitioner and a patient using signals produced by stainless steel needles at sensitive points called acupoints. This allows for a deep and profound resetting of the Qi Flow. These Signals influence neuro-hormonal circuitry as well. 

    Herbs work internally at a nutritive level. The condition of Blood and Yin and the functioning of organs can be worked with at this level. 

    Massage works with the flesh to move blood and lymph and trigger points to release tension, trigger cascades of biochemistry.

    Moxibustion works to open vessels at the periphery and to targeted areas

    Cupping works by applying vacuum forces to the body surface, influencing the capillary bed with local and non-local effects.

    Qi gong works to bring harmony to body and mind through awareness, breath and movement. As one begins to learn to breathe and feel and move with subtle awareness.

    Dietary choices form the basis of our relationship with mother earth, What is mother feeding you, and how do you take it in. What are you truly craving?

    Ultimately it is our relationship to our lives that create the pattern of tensions and laxities; pressures and vacuums; all the things and all the desires, the yin and yang we know and sense as our "self", and this happens in the day to day being human

    There is no magic pill or government program that can fix this. In fact fixing is not what is needed. what is needed is healing and flowing and growing and flowering. to fix is to keep in place, and life is ever changing. And this is why I offer these classes, to give some tools and insights that have enhanced my own life but have served to relieve suffering of billions of people for thousands of years.