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  • Hi. Thanks for your interest in helping me to develop my cupping class.

    It’s my intention with this class to teach the basics of cupping to anybody who is so inclined to learn this amazing modality of folk medicine.

    Friday 3-5 pm

    Registrations are closed for this event

    Saturday 11am -1 pm

    Registrations are closed for this event

    folk med·i·cine


    traditional medicine as practiced non-professionally, especially by people isolated from modern medical services and usually involving the use of plant-derived remedies on an empirical basis

    Cupping is traditionally used around the world as a kind of home therapy. It’s certainly useful to me as an adjunct to acupuncture sessions. I’ve always thought everyone should know this and have this as a tool for wellness.

    I’m not intending for anyone to treat or cure diseases with this method.

    I expect this intro beta session to be about 2 hours I have two tables to use so four people can participate at a time. One doing the cupping and the other receiving.

    I want to teach cupping with silicone cups

    with plastic pump cups

    and wth glass cups using fire

    You’ll learn how to slide the cup in a pleasant way. What pressure to expect, plus you’ll feel the difference as a receiver of the cupping that will inform your decisions when it come time to perform the cupping.

    I’m looking to have a friday session as well as a saturday session.

    Thanks again.