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  • dating back thousands of years and incorporating thousands of plant, mineral and animal substances, Chinese Herbal Medicine is a true treasure of human cultural achievement. 

    Chinese Herbs are an integral part of Chinese Culture and it's not uncommon for many households to use folk remedies provided by eons of collective experience with these herbs. 

    In the practice of Chinese Medicine, Herbs are the internal medicine component. 

    The framework of pattern differentiation is the analytical counterpart to herbal formula construction in Chinese Medicine. 

    The logic is complex, yet straightforward, (albeit circular, regarding the 5 elements) 

    Through asking questions and taking an inventory of signs and symptoms, a pattern emerges. 

    An example of such a pattern is the concept of Wood over acting on Earth, or Liver aggravating the Spleen

    in this statement, there is a lot of information. If we were to begin to unpack it, we would see that there is an abundance of "aggressive" energy from from the Liver and this is having implications on the Spleen. This "aggression" or excess, or repletion, or shi  is the result of a long-standing, (chronic), or intense (acute) situation of stagnation of Liver Qi. A consequence of this Wood element being overly active is that it begins to pull resources from it's mother element, the Water. Another is the tendency to create heat and stir the fire element, this manifests as a kind of anxiety, or "running piglet syndrome" a feeling of a small piglet running up the inside of your body, Furthermore there is a severe dampening of the Spleen's ability to transform and transport, leading to a situation of exhaustion and metabolic changes. 

    Given such a situation we then use appropriate herbs to address the pattern.

    A famous formula from the Tang Dynasty: Xiao Yao San ( The free and easy wanderer) addresses this pattern precisely.

    And so it is with all the patterns.  when a person comes to chinese medicine, they can be well-described as an overlay of many of the patterns, with their unique situation the formulas can be combined and / or adjusted