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  • When the qi and blood are flowing, there is no pain.

    Pain is the result of the blockage of qi and blood flow.

    -Chinese Medicine


    Pain is one of the inevitable facts of life.

    Pain is a strong signal that something is wrong.  

    Pain is the tip of the ice berg.


    Acupuncture can help with pain by reprogramming the body's qi. By moving the qi and blood we can promote healing and reduce and eliminate pain. 

    Pain is described as acute or chronic. Acupuncture for acute pain is usually frequent by limited. Acupuncture for chronic pain is usually part of an ongoing heath regimen that aims to address underlying issues. 

    Neck and shoulder pain is a common complaint that usually responds quickly to acupuncture with good results.

    Nerve pain, like sciatica, can also be treated with acupuncture

    Knee pain and Back Pain also respond well to acupuncture. 

    If you are serious about getting out pain and into wellness, you are talking about changing your life. Let's be honest, your life has brought you to pain. If change doesn't happen, then what is will continue. and if you are in pain, then that can be the edge of a precipice that leads to depression and cynicism and so much more of the nasties.

    Acupuncture, however is only one component to a holistic approach towards wellness. The Way that the tensions you carry around in your body needs to be addressed with a whole arsenol. 

    Your acupuncturist can help work with your qi from the outside, but to sustain the effects, one must take responsibility for their healing. One of the greatest tools for sustaining abundant health is qi gong.