Based on your answers, it looks like Acupuncture would be a good fit for you.

Acupuncture facilitates a profound cascade of cellular and somatic responses including the release of tension throughout your body and targeted effects depending on the goals of treatment. In general, it seems to stimulate the self healing and regulatory mechanisms and can act like a kind of somato-emotional reset

It is particularly suited for people suffering from physical pain, digestive disorders, stress, anxiety and emotional concerns. 

Next Steps

Now that you know you can expect some benefit from Acupuncture, you owe it to yourself to give it a try.

The next step is to book in for a consultation.

The Goal to determine your Chinese Medicine Pattern Diagnosis

Once we understand the Pattern, then we work with Acupuncture, Body Work, Herbs, Counseling, Lifestyle & Diet to address the issue.

You will be invited to complete an in depth Questionnaire

This Questionnaire will guide the Consultation.

There is an option to schedule for a virtual consultation. This can be a good chance to answer any questions you may have about acupuncture via an online interaction or over the phone. 

In the meantime feel free to take a look at my post: What to expect from an Acupuncture Experience.