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  • Your health is important to you.

    And you are important to your family and your community.

    What we are learning over and over again is that health and disease are both processes and lifestyle is central.

    You have a responsibility to yourself and to those around you to be healthy and the healthier you are the more resilience you will be able to bring forward and the greater both your life and the world will be.

    I have the responsibility to share this medicine. Acupuncture is a remarkable tool for reprogramming the qi system. This is an information signaling system that works day and night to keep you alive.

    Over years and decades, the patterns of your living are sculpted into your body through its stereotypical responses and your mind is sculpted by the patterns of reacting to and solving problems.

    Acupuncture can trigger changes in the brain, the vascular, the respiratory, immunological, stem cell and hormonal systems. With repeated use, acupuncture acts to establish a greater flow of qi. The influence of flowing qi changes the very expression of your genetics.

    We are experiencing tremendous changes on all arenas, including what we know about the body and the biochemistry of stress and the body as a dynamic, programmable, adaptation-seeking organism complete with a whole host of microbial symbiots. The repercussions of what we call stress are profound, and set the stage for all manner of chronic metabolic dysfunction, along with immunological disturbance, inflammation, aches, pains, and good ol fashioned just not feeling good. 

    With Acupuncture we can actually dial down the stress response and turn on the rest ,digest and heal response.  

    But in order for us to have a real chance, we know we have to repeatedly work, especially in the beginning stages. 

    Understandably, cost is a concern to all we do, and it's important to see the value in what you choose to spend your money and your time on. It's been said that in ancient times, the Chinese Doctors were paid to keep their patients well, and it is that spirit  we are now offering subscription based acupuncture service.

    As a subscriber you'll be able to

    choose among the tiers depending on your needs.

    Additionally, you will receive

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    early bird opportunities to sign up for local folk-medicine classes, like acupressure and cupping and qi gong and retreats and hikes

    Additionally, you will receive a 20% discount on massage services offered by Shari Brookler who has a real deep intuitive sense and whole bag of technical expertise.