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Here are some of the stories that people have chosen to share about the work that I do.  This is very personalized therapy, and for those who are willing to show up and do their part, profound changes are possible.

-Justin Burkett, L.Ac.

5 years agao I was diagnosed with spinal sthenosis and spondylolisthesis for which i had a lamninectomy and rods with pins between L4 and L5. 6 hours after I awoke, I became paralized from my waste down due to cauda equina syndrome. After another surgery to remove blood clot at the base of spine i ended up with extensive nerve damage in my left leg. Under the care of my nerve pain doctor we extinguished all choices of medciations. The end result: with medication there has been constant pain between 7-9 in my hip knee and foot.

Now: four years later I went in for my first session of acupuncture with pain at a level of 8 and came out with a pain of <1. 

This is the first time in over 3 years that I can touch my toes without pain. I did not think was possible because my nerve pain doctor indicated it may take up to 8 years before I may start to get some relief. I am in construction and could not afford to take disability. 

Many thanks to Justin, now for the first time in over 4 years I have a real smile on my face. I cannot describe how joyful I am. Thanks again for a new life. 

Steve D

I have been meaning to write this for 3 months….just don’t know where to start in singing the praises of Justin!  This will seem wordy but I just have to explain what I have been going through.

I am a 62yo retired RN who has had multiple orthopedic surgeries since 1996.   I have problems with balance, pain, nerve pain down my R arm, lots of tension with  neck and back pain.  I also have long rods in my back making my ability to move easily more difficult.  I just finished 8 weeks of Physical Therapy which somehow aggravated my problems. I  have had years of chiropractic, different acupuncturists, pool therapy, physical therapy, pain clinics, meditation, Tai Chi, yoga and I could go on and on with what I tried.

I was just giving up on anyone being able to help me which made me feel very depressed.  This is not the person I was!!!  I had a lot of discomfort and pain, no energy and many sleep issues.  I LOVE to be active and  now have time to volunteer my services again BUT all of my problems were getting worse.  My passion was being an ER Nurse for 30 years and I had to admit that physically, I couldn’t do my job anymore which really saddened me to admit.

Here’s the point.  I swear an angel referred me to Justin. I really struggled to have faith again but I decided to give him a try.   EVERYONE should see Justin for ANY issues, physical or mental.  At my first visit he took at least 1-11/2 hours just asking questions.  As a little time went by he must have sensed what some of my issues were because almost every ? he asked me was a yes.  He even asked about symptoms that I had forgotten about.

After that I realized that  he had given me so much more time than any practitioner I have seen in the last 20 years  just to understand what was going on with me PLUS given me the BEST acupuncture session ever!  He found every trigger point plus others that he sensed needed treating and for the first time in my life, I left an appointment feeling like I was given a new life!  Never had I felt that way after any acupuncture session.  Honestly, I never felt one bit different with other practitioners and most of them I paid triple of Justin’s charges. I don’t want to sound goofy but I really felt elated, just like I was a kid again.  Honestly, for once I had faith in someone being able to help me.  I just wanted to cry as I was so happy and excited to see him again.

Three months have passed and all of the muscle tightness is gone, the nerve pain in my arm occurs very rarely and most of all, I am loose, happy and able to move so much better.  I have faith again.  Justin truly is a Mystic.!!  He is so gifted as he can just “sense” the parts of my body (and mind!) that need help.  I really want to shout it to the world that “there IS help” for chronic pain etc in the hands of Justin.  I only wish that we practiced more Chinese and Eastern Medicine in the U.S., and that is coming from a 30 year veteran who was taught only Western Medicine.

I can only hope that the word gets out about this man.  Our society today as a whole is stressed in many ways and are being treated with pills or putting up with headaches, tight muscles, sleep problems etc. when they could feel so much better if they could only see Justin Burkett LAc.

Lastly and maybe more importantly, Justin is the kindest man with the most soothing voice who is so much more than an acupuncturist and Dr. of Chinese Medicine.  He truly listens, he cares,  spends at least an hour with you and teaches you anything you’d like to know about your body.  My only fear is that he will move out of state or no longer be available.

Give yourself a gift and go see him just once so you have the chance to feel physically better and probably happy and vital again. (Just don’t take my appointment times 🙂

I Thank God for you Justin.  You have changed my life so much that I finally feel alive again, feel happy again and no longer have depressing moods.  A Mystic and an Angel

PS.  Now my kids and son-in-law are seeing him and are experiencing amazing results!   I hope that everyone having any discomfort or disease find him..

Margaret G

Cliff H.

I had my first consultation/acupuncture session today with Justin Burkett and was absolutely impressed with Justin’s level of expertise and how he took the extra time to explain the process of chinese medicine and acupuncture, including visuals!  Which I loved! I felt completely comfortable asking all of my questions.  Any apprehension I had just melted away!  Justin has such a gentle and relaxed composure about him, which I so appreciate after dealing with doctors in western medicine.  I highly recommend trying out Justin’s acupuncture services at Heavenly Streams in Nevada City.  I used to be terrified of needles and have experienced some traumatic experiences with western doctors, so I was very apprehensive about trying acupuncture, but with Justin, I was actually having a casual conversation during my acupuncture treatment and feeling so calm and safe and pain free; something I would never have dreamed could happen.  I am very grateful for Heavenly Streams!   I’ve booked my next appointment!

Catherine D

Justin is the best massage therapist I have found in town. There is a key difference between a massage therapist and a masseuse at a spa-like setting. It is difficult to find good, qualified massage therapists to help you fix any muscle tightness that impairs (not just a slight discomfort~ I’m talking impairment and near incapacitation) your daily routine. Justin is a God-send and an AMAZING massage therapist. He is also trained in the Eastern medical technique of acupuncture. Even though I hate needles, I’d actually come and try his acupuncture the next time around~ since he was thorough, reliable, and got the job done well. I am someone who suffers from muscle spasms. I have a high stress lifestyle that eventually impairs my ability to move. It’s a combination of stress, too much time at the computer, poor posture and too much sitting throughout the day. and THANK GOD I MET HIM! Justin was so kind (not to mention calm and good looking!).. very very professional, warm and welcoming. 

I’ve been to so many massage people over the years. Only one other person stands par to Justin.. but they’re in the SF Bay area (old stomping grounds). Justin started off with a brief but well rounded patient/ client interview.. asking what hurts and how hard. Then he begins. WOW. He starts off gentle loosing you up and getting to relax.. and then he’s elbows in and definitely getting the muscles to flatten out. He goes deep into the tissue and you can feel the tension just slowly let go and unwind. It can be a little on the painful side.. but it’s the kind of pain that feels good (i have a high threshold for pain but I am by no means a masochist). I felt all the muscles being worked on and slowly let go. It doesn’t stop there!! Justin~ because he knows pressure points from his training in acupuncture.. works out the tension from your arms, wrist, legs and feet! Poor guy~ I have gross feet because I wear flipflops. I’ve never had a foot massage but whatever pressure points he was hitting.. it felt SO GOOD. He even found the points that made my wrists pop and suddenly regain full rotation! I didn’t even come in knowing I had tightness in my feet and wrists. At the end of it all.. I felt REPAIRED, RENEWED, and REJUVENATED. I was able to move my neck and shoulders and arms completely. I had a little soreness for a couple days after but it was to be expected since he really went in deep and actually FIXED my problems. This is the kind of massage therapist you need when you want a good massage to put your body back to normal.

Now if you want a froofroo massage with cucumber water and to relax and feel pampered.. I’m sure he would cater to that~ but it’s definitely not what I wanted. Justin delivers. He’s excellent. If you spend 18+ hrs working at your computer, desk, etc.. and you find you are becoming more and more limited in movement, Justin is the man to see. I’m definitely coming back. I already referred him on to very close friends and family and fellow co-workers and students. He’s just that good.  But since visiting him, I’ve been able to return to my normal activities.. and for that simple gift, I am forever grateful.. consider me a client of Justin. I’m sold!

Kimmy C


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