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  • Your body is not just a vehicle, nor some meat jacket for your soul.

    No my friend, your body is an exquisite instrument capable of nothing less than the miracle of life itself.

    And within this container of life you are in a situation of being human. 

    Between heaven and earth, mankind is precious.- Sun Si Mao

    Let's assume this is at least metaphorically true. Now, let me ask you, If you are the bridge between heaven and earth, what does that bridge look like. 


    Now let me ask you. Do you feel Tight and sore, or maybe stiff and tired. You get the feeling something isn't right. Do you find yourself not receptive to new information. Rigid in your beliefs, Rigid in your body. Do you feel out of synch within yourself and with the world around you? Some combination of it all. 

    Well it's no surprise, and you're not alone. 

    It's part of what's going on. If you're like most people, and most people are, you are living your life out of balance. You probably over work. Most likely you are dealing with a deep sense of exhaustion so you over caffeinate, and it's quite possible you are experiencing troubled digestion and a combination of anxiety, irritability, depression, anger, and fear.